Kill A Watt part III

Well, a week has passed since I've posted the last segment in this store, and I have my consumption usage for my computer set up. With normal usage, my entire computer set up, not counting my large Tektronix color laser printer, uses a whopping 63KWh each week. Or 3276KWh per year. Now, lucky for me, I live in Quebec and our electricity only costs about 5.2 cents per KWh. So my yearly consumption is roughly $170 per year. Considering me entire electricity bill last year totaled about $900, that works out to almost 19% of my electricity goes to just my computer system.

Starting this past Saturday night at 8pm, I have been tracking my consumption in conservation mode. So far, after 68 hours my usage totals 12KWh. Not bad considering last week at this time, I had used roughly 25KWh at this point.

Once I reach the end of the week, I will once again post my usage consumption and give you a little feedback on what I like and dislike about the Kill-A-Watt device.