Upgrading Ubuntu 14.04 -> 18.04 - MariaDB issues

This post covers the issues I experienced when upgrading a remote VM on Ubuntu 14.04 to 18.04. Some fine folks online say "Don't do it" and others say "I just upgraded 100 VMs without any issue". If you are going to upgrade, ensure you have a good snapshot and backups. Upgrading is fraught with danger.

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Laravel Valet usage with special sites

Laravel Valet makes spinning up almost any type of php site on your local Mac a breeze. There are some edge cases where you might not want to run a site within Valet. On macOS, it is really easy to run other local sites using a custom Nginx config files.

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Patch Majordomo to work with DMARC

This patch fixes Majordomo by doing three things:

  1. Change the email From: header to be the email address of the list itself
  2. Add a new variable to Majordomo to allow enabling on a list-by-list basis
  3. Add the Reply-to: header with the email address of the author

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