Photographers know your rights

Have you ever taken a picture and been told by a security guard or other person to stop and delete those pictures, and did you delete those pictures? Do you know what your rights are in regards to taking pictures in public areas? If you are like me, a self proclaimed amateur photographer--after all, who isn't these days--then you should make sure you know your rights, because sooner or later, someone will ask you to stop taking pictures or delete the pictures you have taken. The TG DAily wrote up a nice little article about a woman who was asked to delete some photos from her camera by a security guard while at a trade show. Here is a link to the Bert P. Krages II--attorney at law website. He has posted a 'Photographer's Right' pamphlet in PDF format that is free for the downloading, printing, and putting in your purse or wallet. As the pamphlet says "Most attempts at restricting photography are done by lower-level security and law enforcement officials acting way beyond their authority. Note that neither the Patriot Act nor the Homeland Security Act have any provisions that restrict photography." Be prepared!