Best customer service ever. Bar none.

In our bathroom we have a shower with one of those sophisticated temperature balancing Moen tap units. After all, we wouldn't want to scald the kids while they were bathing if someone else in the house turned on the cold water.

Four years ago the contractor who replaced all of our galvanized piping for copper, put the Moen unit it. Three years and 6 months ago it started to drip. Not much at first, but gradually over time it started to drip quite a bit. Finally, after much drip persistence, I dug out the warranty card and instructions for the tap. Now the instructions are not how to use the tap, but how to care for it, including instructions on how to flush the system in case it dripped. Ah, right, that should solve my problem I figured. It took me ten minutes to gather the required tools, Philips screw driver, needle nose pliers, and a broad flat screw driver. It took another ten minutes to dismantle the necessary parts, flush the system and put it back together again. Unfortunately, the drip persisted some more.

Next step was to call the 1-800 number on the Moen warranty card. Here is roughly how the conversation went:

Moen: Hello, welcome to Moen, how may I help you today?
Me: Well, I have a temperature balancing tap in my shower and it started to drip. I followed the enclosed instructions to flush the pipes out, but it still drips.
Moen: Okay sir, do you turn or pull to turn the water on?
Me: I pull it to turn the water on.
Moen: Is it a knob or a lever?
Me: It is a knob.
Moen: May I have your full address please?
Me: My address is .... blah blah blah ....
Moen: And your telephone number where you can be reached during the day?
Me: My daytime number is ......
Moen: Alright sir, the new part will arrive by mail within two weeks. Is there anything else I can help you with?
Me: Oh, no, that's all, thank you.
Moen: Okay then, have a good day, and thank you for calling Moen. Goodbye.


Seriously, that was it. By far the best and easiest support phone call I have ever had the privilege to make. Less than two weeks later the part arrived. Within 15 minutes the part was easily installed and the tap hasn't dripped since. Moen should be given an award for performing so well, and then they should run over to Best Buy and give the Geek Squad some lessons.