OpenX Banner Software not showing statistics (Community Edition)

I noticed that there are lots and lots of posts about people not seeing their stats in OpenX. On a new install I also did not see any stats after many days. I carefully went through the OpenX forums and checked all the other posts about not getting statistics in OpenX Ad manager. Our server passed the OpenX check list found in the OpenX Forums.

All was okay on our server it seemed, but still no statistics!

The solution, once I found it, was simple! Re-install the openXDeliveryLog plugin. It would appear when I installed OpenX Ads, the installation messed up and didn't create the MySQL tables for this module. A weakness of OpenX appears that it won't tell you if some tables are missing. The software will merrily go about its tasks ignoring the fact that tables are missing and, in this case, tell me "Sorry, no statistics for today", when in fact it wasn't gathering any stats!

The missing tables from my OpenX 2.8.8 were:


To re-install the openXDeliveryLog you need a local copy, which you can get by downloading to your desktop the OpenX zip file, and uncompress it.

  1. Log into your OpenX Ad manager
  2. Switch to the administrator account
  3. Click on the Plugins tab
  4. Under "Install New Plugin", choose the plugin zip file. You will find it in the openx-2.8.8 package you just downloaded, under /etc/plugins
  5. Choose and click Open to select the file
  6. Click on the Install button

That's it, your done. In theory you should be able to sit back and wait a couple of hours for your stats to start generating.

Note: Do NOT do this if you already have stats that you don't want to lose.