New Google SearchWiki - Diggification gone wild

Deprecated thought: Either it's really old, or not used anymore. You can probably ignore it.

This morning I noticed a new feature on Google’s Search engine when I am logged into my Google account. I didn’t sign up for this feature, and apparently there is no way to turn this feature off. If you don’t love it, you will hate Google for adding this feature.

What I am talking about is the new Google SearchWiki. In a nutshell, you can promote, demote, and comment on search results. However, any promoting you do will only show up for you. This can have its benefits and I see how I might like it. For example, I often do searches for our family history, and get annoyed at having to sift through the same non-related sites all the time. Using the demote feature, I would now be able to simply demote each link which has nothing to do with my family.

The downside to this is that if one of those sites later adds something relevant about our family, I would never know.

Now of course, we all know Big Brother Google will be watching with great interest to see what we all promote and demote. They will add all these statistics up into a neat little bundle and use it in their efforts for world domination…err…did I say world domination? What I meant was, they will use this data to better serve the users of their search engine.

My final thoughts? Hopefully Google will offer a way to turn this feature off, as it is just too invasive for my teeny tiny little mind to handle today.

Happy searching!

Addendum: You can additionally see what others have done with search results by clicking on the ‘See all notes for this SearchWiki’. For example, if you search for ‘hosting’ and then click on the See all notes link at the bottom of the page, you can see what others have promoted or demoted. Much like Digg does for news stories.

You can also view all your changes or remove your own changes by clicking on the ‘See all my SearchWiki notes’.

The last feature lets you add additional URL’s to your SearchWiki search results. For example, you search for the keyword ‘hosting’, you can then click on the ‘Add a result’ link at the bottom of the page and add an additional URL. Now whenever you do a search for ‘hosting’, the results will include the URL that you just added. Most interesting here is that anyone who clicks on the ‘All notes for this searchwiki’ will now see my URL. Yeah sure, a small victory for me, as the SEO folks will spam this to death making it yet another useless feature.