Charge carries possible life sentence

November 27, 2016-Update: The links I had to and other sites are no longer working. This highlights “In 6 months time virtually no one will remember who Brandon Pardi is.” I’ve removed or replaced any dead links.

November 8th 2007-Update: For those that would like to read more about the death and passing of little Bianka Leduc, you can visit the very well done site of Gigababy (no longer online). In short, why are people so afraid to show support to the family of the grieving, the family that really needs support now for a long time to come. Yet, people seem to have little trouble showing support for the ones responsible for the accident.

There are talks of sending the 18 year old Brandon Pardi—who killed Bianka Leduc—away for life, into a prison system that is already over crowded. Yes, he was neglegent and his stupidity caused the death of a little girl. But sending him away for life is neither going to send a real message to people nor bring back the little girl.

Why won’t it send a real message to anyone? In 6 months time virtually no one will remember who Brandon Pardi is, and hence the younger people of today won’t be affected in the least.

Perhaps what would make a bigger impact, since they are talking of taking his whole future away anyhow, is to put Brandon to work full time educating people. Keep a short leash on him, but have him work with an organization like MADD, or start a new organization. Place heavy restrictions on him, and have him do something good for society. Putting a person away into our prison system costs the Canadian people $80,000 dollars a year roughly. So take that money and use it to cover expenses for Brandon to spend the rest of his life serving out his sentence to help stop our youth from killing more people.

Brandon can be under permanent curfew, weekly visits to a parole officer, stay at home, no alcohol, never allowed to drive again, but tossing him into prison makes the courts no better than Brandon himself.

Perhaps if society had started getting people who are convicted of neglectful homicide to do community service for life, instead of adding them into the prison system, where they learn to be “prisoners”, little Bianka would still be alive today.

I know my thoughts fly in the face of what our society thinks, but I see a strong young person who could actually be put to use. Heck the police say they don’t have enough man power to patrol the streets and keep reckless drivers off the streets. So take Brandon and make him educate and help officers patrol the streets, for life.

Will it take a death to have police do something about bad drivers in Quebec

Yesterday a horrible accident occured not far from where I live. Local gossip says the driver just got his license and was driving reckless on the narrow roads of Ile-Perrot.

My wife and I have spoken to the police a few times about speeders and reckless young drivers on our road, citing that someone will get killed one day if this keeps up. The police respond with “What can we do?” We spoke to the town about the speeders and reckless drivers on our road, and they respond with “What can we do?”

We have two small boys and we do our best to keep them safe. My wife and I in poor taste have joked in the past that it will probably take a death before police and the town do anything about the driving on our roads.

Now this precious young girl, with her whole life in front of her, has had her life taken by one of the many reckless drivers on the roads in Quebec today.

What will it take now to impose the rules and laws to give the police and the courts the power to put a stop to reckless drivers after their first offence.

Our family send hears go out to the family of the little girl and to the day care owner where the accident happened. My wishes to throw the book and the rest of the bookshelf at the offending teen head his way.

Tonight, we will write another letter to our town and ask once again for action to be taken on the streets of Quebecs towns.

Energy savings with computers - How much energy do I waste?

It has been awhile since I followed up on my power savings stories here, here and here. Although not so much as a followup, I am glad to see others starting to blog about these issues too. This entry “How much energy do I waste?” is a well written piece and has some good links in too.

Quoted from Kirk McElhearn:

“I feel that these people are aggressive in their attitude of entitlement; as if they can use all the energy they want: who cares about the overall effect that has on others. Are these the same people who drive gas-guzzling SUVs?”

It is time people started taking their energy consumption more seriously.We need to take a moment to get into the habit of turning off electrical appliances, even unplugging them if they won’t be used for a few days.

In Memoriam - Anastasia DeSousa

A year ago today, a senseless shooting at Dawson College, in Montreal Quebec unfolded. A few students were injured. One student died. On September 19th last year I posted a short poem to the family and friends of Anastasia on another site I work on.

Anastasia’s father posted the only comment, which to this day I still read from time to time, and reflect on my own kids lives as they quickly grow towards college days. This morning I spent a few minutes and reflected on the past year, what has happened since and where we are going from here. I think it is worth reposting the poem here, where I spend more of my time these days.

Do not stand at my grave and weep,
I am not there, I do not sleep.

I am a thousand winds that blow.
I am the diamond glint on snow.
I am the sunlight on ripened grain.
I am the gentle autumn rain.

When you wake in the morning hush,
I am the swift, uplifting rush
Of quiet birds in circling flight.
I am the soft starlight at night.

Do not stand at my grave and weep.
I am not there, I do not sleep.
(Do not stand at my grave and cry.
I am not there, I did not die!)

(Mary Frye, circa 1932)

While I work, I am lucky enough to be able to listen to music of my choosing. One song in particular reminds me of September 13 2007, and Anastasia and her father. Thought it worth posting the song here too, but I would probably get sued by the music industry. “Five for Fighting” is the band, “100 years” is the song from the album “The Battle For Everything”. There is a clip of the song under Music on the Five for Fighting website if you haven’t heard the song before.

It would be nice to say as a society as a whole we have learnt something from Anastasia’s untimely passing, but I fear not. Another student who survived the shooting a year ago has set out to try and do something about the future. His site Kill Thinking is an interesting read (and watch), and left me asking questions, which is good.

Apple uses Microsoft .NET servers

Apple Promo Rebate errorsLast week I bought a new iMac 20 inch to replace my old G5 Dual 2.7GHz machine. A promo came with the new iMac for a Free iPod Nano from Apple. While filling in the promo rebate form ( I made a mistake and need to go back one page. Without thinking too much about it, I clicked on the back button in my browser. Apparently Apple’s Promo Rebate server doesn’t like people doing this, and caused an application error on their server. Strangely enough when I looked at the error, I noticed that all the messages were from a Microsoft server! As a friend pointed out, Apple probably uses a third party for their promo applications. None the less, in my opinion, it does make Apple look bad. After all, can’t Apple’s XServe handle this type of application?

Incidently, the G5 is for sale now if anyone is interested:

  • Dual 2.7GHz
  • 4GB RAM
  • 2 - 250GB Internal Drives
  • Clean install of OS
  • Perfectly running and very clean
  • New iMac Keyboard and new Apple mouse (I wore the old ones out)
  • Original packagin and original install CD’s included
  • This machine will run OS 9 applications which newer machine will not do

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