Is oh-my-zsh slow?

I’ve just started using Oh My ZSH and found it to be really slow… but only when in a git repository directory using a theme that display git information (robbyrussell for example). The fix is to disable the Git feature for this theme by simply entering this in the CLI while in your Git repository:

git config --add oh-my-zsh.hide-status 1 

Instant speed thanks to this Stack Overflow question and answer.

{deprecated} How to install Subversion on cPanel 11.42.x and higher

Appears there's lots of people trying to figure out how to install subversion onto a cPanel box. There's lots of posts that show some sort of version but none seem to work anymore. Well, this one works, tried, tested and true. Subversion client comes pre-installed on cPanel, but it buried into a cPanel folder. Subversion server does not come pre-installed. So, let's get started!

Installing Node, Bower and Gulp on a cPanel box

I've been using Node, npm, bower and gulp in my local Vagrant VM under Ubuntu. However, as one of my current projects will be shuffled off to a cPanel CentOS server soon, I thought I would check how easy it is to install all this on the cPanel side. This mini-how-to assumes you are running the latest cPanel (WHM 11.42.0 (build 23) as of this writing) running on CentOS 6. Assuming you have this configuration, then you will already have git installed and running as required by npm in some instances.

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