Learning to use Aperture - Removing Keywords

Before the holidays I started to use Apple’s Aperture photo management software. Mainly because my new camera lets me shoot in Raw, and I also wanted more control over editing and organizing all my photos. It took me awhile to figure out how to bulk remove keywords in Aperture.

VMWare Fusion stuck at Shutting Down

This morning when I got to my Apple Mac Pro, I saw that VMWare Fusion, which had been running Window XP, was stuck at Shutting Down Windows. Presumably Windows decided to do an upgrade during the night and got stuck when it tried to reboot.

Going to the menu ‘Virtual Machine->Shut Down Guest’ didn’t do anything. The trick was to hold down the option key, which changes the Shut Down Guest to ‘Power Off’. Selecting this worked fine.

Hope this tip helps someone else.

{deprecated} Flash flaw puts most sites and users at risk

Computerworld is running a story on a significant security hole in Flash.

The long and short of it all is that a security hole in Flash is in the wild, and is unpatchable according to Adobe.

Mike Murray, the chief information security officer at Orlando, Fla.-based Foreground Security says “The best mitigation is to not use Flash, but we know that that’s impossible for most users, since Flash is so widely used on the Web. Almost everyone using the Internet is vulnerable to a Web site that allows content to be updated inappropriately. That’s not hyperbole, it’s just fact. This has the potential to affect any social media site, any career site, any dating site, many retail sites and many cloud applications. That’s why this attack is so serious. End users would never know they got exploited.”

To read all about this, and how it might affect you, please take a moment to get educated and read the story at ComputerWorld.com.

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