Installing Majordomo on a cPanel box with Exim

I've posted this how-to simply as a way to remember how I did this. For all those that want to use Majordomo mailing list app on a cPanel box, while running Exim, here is no frills tutorial. I've used this on several boxes over the last five years without issue. The setup allows you to manage individual lists by domain. Each of your accounts can have their own majordomo lists. There is no control panel for this setup, and all the editing takes place on the commend line. Hope someone finds it useful.

Failed to parse (PNG conversion failed; check for correct installation of latex, dvips…

If you are planning on using Math in mediawiki, and you have everything installed (Math, math, texvc, latex, dvipng) but you still get the error: Failed to parse (PNG conversion failed; check for correct installation of latex, dvips, gs, and convert) There is one last step that might need to be done. You will need to generate a latex.fmt file.You can do this with the command: fmtutil-sys --all There is a good conversation about it over here.

FTP doesn’t work on server using AFP

Although you should NOT be using FTP, if you need to for some reason, like we did on one server, and some people can't upload files, this might be the issue. We run APF firewall on some servers. A couple of servers have either ProFTP or Pure-FTP installed. Over the last couple of weeks we discovered that some people could not read or write with their FTP client when ftping into our servers. If you experience this, check that MONOKERN is off. SET_MONOKERN="0" This is set in /etc/apf/conf.apf Good luck!

Ensure PEAR on cPanel is up-to-date

On one of my cpanel boxes, I kept getting Deprecated warnings from PHP stemming from PEAR Config.php, Register.php and HTTP_Upload.php. When I logged into the cpanel control panel, it shoed that PEAR was up-to-date. A quick look at the server showed my I have two PEAR installs. One at /usr/local/lib/phpand one /usr/lib/php. The solution is easy: /usr/local/bin/pear -V /usr/bin/pear -V /usr/local/bin/pear upgrade PEAR /usr/bin/pear upgrade PEAR

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